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KID 606 - Songs About Fucking Steve Albini - CD

KID 606 - Songs About Fucking Steve Albini - CD

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A collection of psychedelic love songs paying tribute to all things analog. Similar to older Kid606 releases like PS I Love You, GQ On the EQ, The Soccergirl EP, and Why I Love Life. This album was carefully constructed to be the soundtrack for the peak 72 minutes of your next trip. The songs all linger on too long, but just long enough; you'll hear voices you can't understand, but you will know what there saying. Every track has it's distinct identity and direction, to completely throw you from one headspace to another. There are only a few things connecting the tracks. All the songs on this album were created with analog source material, None have beats or percussion to weigh you down, and they are all love songs. It was all composed over many years in many different places. Each song represents a phase of indulgent musical composition that only deserved to have it's best parts represented on this album. After compiling and editing all the songs on a computer, they were mixed down and mastered through all analog equipment to two track analog tape.


1. Dim Ego Prelude

2. Odd Ripe Legume

3. Mild Pureed Ego

4. Purge Deem Idol

5. Lou Reed Gimped

6. Periled Emu God

7. Deep Lid Morgue

8. Eerie Gold Dump

9. Die Rumpled Ego


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