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Master Musicians of Bukkake - The Visible Sign of the Invisible Order - 2LP

Master Musicians of Bukkake - The Visible Sign of the Invisible Order - 2LP

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Deluxe 2xLP set pressed at RTI with heavy duty tip on jackets from Stoughton. First 300 sets on clear vinyl. B side includes two bonus tracks not found on the original CD. Featuring contributions from Alan Bishop and Charles Gocher of the Sun City Girls. Graphic design by Stephen O'Malley.

This is the final offering before entering the new wave of the failed future from MMOB. Totem Three journeys from quiet Bardo womb choosing meditations and instrumental mantras to the delusional glee of Kali Yugafied Indian rock. Totem Three is the most diverse and heartfelt of the Totem trilogy. A steady pulsating musical mirror prison expressing the atrophy of our "modern world" through no-age hallucinations of passionate and unfolding melodies. A blissfull mirage filled caravan with no destination pushing onward through a mercurial blue sanded desert between what is and what was. A place where disembodied nomadic djinn join in lament attempting to push through the cell phone interference with a message of no return. Culminating finally in the Totem Trilogy's finale the John Carpenter nodding synthetic 80s horror film decay and the utter realization of our "FAILED FUTURE".........."what is veiled, what was, what will be and what will never be, what will we do when we go from living to only surviving?".......TOTEM 3

Featuring 7 new pieces influenced by the music of Satyajit Ray, Tuareg music of the Sahara, Early Music, and John Carpenter, and the writings of french philosopher René Guénon. Totem Three features guests from Secret Chiefs Three and Alan Bishop from the Sun City Girls as well as many more luminaries from the Seattle music scene. Featuring artwork by Seldon Hunt, completing the connecting art of all three of the Totem records. Produced By Randall Dunn. 


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