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Master Musicians of Bukkake - Totem Two - LP/CD

Master Musicians of Bukkake - Totem Two - LP/CD

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* Warehouse find - black vinyl

LP is pressed in an edition of 1000. Pressed at RTI for the highest possible fidelity. The first 300 copies are on red vinyl.

Echoing like a long lost Werner Herzog soundtrack, Totem 2 is a record of subtle meditations and deep electric hallucinations from the Crystal Caves of the Northwest to the orchestral desert portals of Turkey.

Totem 2 finds MMOB exploring the disappearance of the Mystic and the schisms of our age. In times when forces move against our souls, these are the first sounds of music that can only be described as No-Age , a resistance is making itself known.

Featuring members of Earth, Asva, Burning Witch, The Diminished Men, and special guests from Secret Chiefs 3 and the thriving Istanbul music scene.

MMOB has now solidified into a 7 piece cosmic psych force. Like a reverse dark side of the New Age sound, on the Totem series Master Musicians of Bukkake perform ritualistic electric excursions into the outer and inner reaches. Relying more on the electric power of psyched guitars, analog synth chants, and exotic heavy percussion. This Totem Trilogy echos with the delusions of a West coast death cult. Outer spaced gamelan, dusty fuzz rock from celestial deserts, meditations of a deranged Krishna gathering, and the Blurry acoustic guitar majesty of the Cascade Mountains all reveal themselves here in epic form. Master Musicians of Bukkake’s newest offering in the Totem Trilogy, Totem Two marks yet another psychic and sonic shift from their first record, Visible Sign of the Invisible Order (Abduction Records 2005/LP via Important Records 2010) and it’s predecessor in the trilogy, Totem One (Conspiracy records 2009). On Totem Two, Master Musicians explores and meditates deep on the death of the Mystics, the Forgotten Ones, the Schisms of our time, and the inability to realize the primary clear light for what it is. Totem Two shifts from electronically altered Bön cult rituals to outer spaced Sufi Sects. Finally succumbing to the fully orchestrated No-Age darkness of the religion of the future only to end in delusional “enlightenment” atop Mt. Shasta scrawling the deranged rambling of new age psychosis on the crystal walls of a cave. Every sound and note played put to tape by a group with a singular purging purpose.

Recorded Mixed and Produced by Randall Dunn (Six Organs of Admittance, SunnO))), Earth) at Aleph studios in Seattle, WA.

Perede Kaldirma was recorded in Istanbul, Turkey at the legendary ADA studios, November 2009. Featuring a collaboration between MMOB and Turkish musicians from the Istanbul music scene, featuring amazing Ney Solos by Serkan Bagkenesen. Over the years ADA studios in Istanbul has been the host for records by Erkin Koray and Baris Manco to name a few.


1. Bardo Chonyid/Master of All Visible Shapes

2. Perde Kaldirma

3. The Heresy of Origen

4. Coincidentia Oppositorum

5. The Crystal Reformation

6. Patmos


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