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Grails - Black Tar Prophecies Vol 4 - LP/Pic Disc

Grails - Black Tar Prophecies Vol 4 - LP/Pic Disc

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LPs ship on color vinyl which was purchased back from the band at full price and shipped from Europe. Hence, the higher price. The picture discs are limited to 500.

With Black Tar Prophecies 4, Grails re-awaken the series that initially began the run of records that mapped their rise to the forefront of modern instrumental music. While recording their full-length records with an eye towards cohesion and epic production, the Black Tar series affords Grails a backdoor to a black lodge where they can explore total head music. With a more lawless atmosphere and an overtly dark aesthetic, Black Tar's relentless re-mixing and sonic juxtapositions return the listening experience to a more innocent position, where expectations can be exploded and insidious sentiments come dressed in gently poisonous forms. In this volume Grails combine backmasked Satanic tape collage with old Emmanuelle soundtracks, pushing them further in the direction of a classical Italian melodrama soundtracked by Nurse with Wound.

The Black Tar material is conceived slowly, in between tours and full-length albums, giving Black Tar its own experimental space and keeping its final sum unknown even to its practitioners. As before, the series' format will consist of two vinyl EPs and an eventual CD version featuring both EPs and any extra tracks completed in the meantime.

Like the slab of black slate in the opening of Kubrick's 2001, Black Tar is an attempt to bring the ritual act of music back to its original mysterious genesis, where the listener and artist both stare into a nebula's electric cloud before it takes its inevitable shape as a planet.


1. I Want A New Drug

2. Self-Hypnosis

3. A Mansion Has Many Rooms

4. New Drug II

5. Up All Night

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