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Eleh - Repose - LP

Eleh - Repose - LP

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Copper covers. Low numbers under #10. Sealed envelope including. Warehouse find. 

$20 copies are sourced from leftovers. These are lettered instead of numbered. There were under an alphabets worth of copies but I don't remember how many exactly. One of them looks like (because it was) written by a two year old. 

Circle Two: Coastal Rotation For Dune Loop is a new 17 minute composition debuted at 2010s Mutek festival in Montreal. This piece completes the Retreat/Return trilogy with Repose.

Side B is an etching matching the print made for Circle Two: Coastal Rotation For Dune Loop.

One 20" x 20" print has been designed for each of the Circle pieces from Eleh. These prints are intended as companions to the compositions and they have been produced in edition of 50 each. Screen printed by Monoroid. 

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