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Chord - Progression - 2LP

Chord - Progression - 2LP

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Double LP is limited to 500 copies. First 100 are on white vinyl. Both CD & LP feature exclusive tracks spreading the entire album out over both formats. Packaged in deluxe screen printed jackets by both Monoroid and Delicious Design League. Featuring members of Pelican, X-Bax & Sacred Cities.

Recorded at Electrical Audio for the ultimate analog fidelity.

For the new album, three single-chord compositions were charted out, one freeform and tone driven, one long-form piece with charts dictating the players’ intensity of performance, and one grid-like chart where each players' note continually shifts, though the combination of voices continue to maintain the chord. Six chords were chosen and arranged in a progression that encompasses two separate performances of each of the three compositions. Though the CD and LP share a similar internal structure and can be listened on their own, they are intended to be played consecutively forming the full six chord arc of the total piece. The CD & LP are intended to be listened to concurrently making one full album.

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