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Eleh/Ellen Fullman - Split - LP

Eleh/Ellen Fullman - Split - LP

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Warehouse find
Low numbers under #10 - copper letterpress sleeve

Numbered edition of 500. Letterpress jackets printed at 43rd Parallel Press. First 200 printed in gold.

Split release between Ellen Fullman & Eleh. This split release is being released simultaneously with Eleh's Radiant Intervals full length and Ellen Fullman's collaborative LP with Barn Owl.

"By examining the waveform produced by the Long String Instrument through a spectrum analyzer, I have observed that every overtone of the fundamental being played is represented nearly equally through the entire range of hearing. Just intonation, a tuning system based on pure ratios, lends itself to a consideration of not only precise tuning of fundamental frequencies, but in addition, precise alignment of the resultant matrix of relationships among the upper partial tones. Strings vibrate in mathematical subdivisions of the total string length. As the performer moves through these subdivisions or nodal points, while bowing with rosin-coated fingertips, partials associated with that location emerge. Thus, musical events on my instrument can be aligned in time and space to coincide with specific overtone combinations." ~ Ellen Fullman, 2010

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