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Maurizio Bianchi & Francisco Lopez - KRMN - CD

Maurizio Bianchi & Francisco Lopez - KRMN - CD

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KRMN-FL and KRMN-MB were both created with the same original source materials, jointly created by Maurizio Bianchi and Francisco López.

Produced from the partial oxidation of carbon-containing compounds, carbon monoxide is a highly toxic gas and has no odor or colour. It is the most common type of fatal poisoning in many countries. Exposures can lead to significant toxicity of the central nervous system and heart. KRMN (for Karbona Monooksido) has been produced from the impartial de-oxidation of sonorous carbon-containing modular compounds. It's not toxic and has a positive effect on the peripheral nervous system and symbolic heart. Pay attention to its fatal antidote to the industrial poisoning in our dogmatic modernity (M.B.).