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Julia Kent - Green & Grey - CD

Julia Kent - Green & Grey - CD

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Made in New York City and inspired by the intersections between the natural world and the human world, Green and Grey continues Julia Kent's solo career as a maker of highly personal music. Using looped and layered cello, electronics, and recordings of natural sounds, she explores in this new instrumental record the melding of the technological and the organic, the patterns and repetitions that exist in nature and are mirrored in human creations, and the complexity and fragility of our relationships with one another and with the natural world. Without collaborators - other than the insect, weather, and wind sounds that create a sort of exoskeleton for the music - she has created an intensely personal landscape that references the way nature, however subverted and endangered by our modern world, still retains its power. 

After years spent touring and recording with other artists and groups, most notably cello-rock pioneers Rasputina and Antony and the Johnsons, Canadian-born, New York City-based Julia Kent found her own voice with her first solo record, Delay, an exploration of the private emotional worlds that exist within the disjunctions and disorientations of travel. Hailed for its "lovely, melancholy," compositions, full of "aching romanticism... rich melodicism, and detailed arrangements," Delay made numerous end-of-the-year best-of lists. Kent toured to support it throughout Europe and North America, including appearances at the Donau festival in Austria, the Lem festival in Barcelona, Suoni per il Popolo in Montreal and the LOLA festival in London, Ontario.


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