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Larsen & Z'ev - In V.TRO - CD

Larsen & Z'ev - In V.TRO - CD

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The album combines both the live recording of the first ever Larsen & Z'ev In V.Tro live performances with extreme aural-mixes of Larsen's In V.Tro studio sessions by Z'ev.

Larsen and Z'ev In V.tro is a soundtrack for micro-cinematic images of cellular studies captured by professors Dario Cantino and Antonio Barasa of the Istituto di Anatomia Umana Normale (Basic Human Anatomy Institute) between 1935 and 1985. Cantino and Barasa wanted to review the history and techniques of in vitro cultures as well as their filmic documentation by way of creating an homage to the maestro of anatomy, professor Giuseppe Levi. Using techniques developed by American zoologist Ross G. Harrison, professor Levi captured single frames with a microscope during his cellular studies, which, when edited and sped up resulted in cellular cinematic footage.

Gaining access to this rare footage provided the perfect context Larsen and Z'ev had been waiting for for a collaboration - Larsen's soundscaping + Z'ev's esoteric rhythm/percussion - mirroring a lab experiment attempting to create life outside a living organism utilizing introspective and minimal, but richly arranged, semi-improvised sounds and textures.


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