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Beequeen - Port Out Starboard Home - CD

Beequeen - Port Out Starboard Home - CD

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Some bands produce a CD every week. By now it seems normal to have three year gaps in releasing records for Beequeen, which is a fresh antidote to the music business of more = more. For Beequeen, like good wine, things mature, given more time. Whereas Olga Wallis featured as a guest singer on 2008s Sandancing, on this new album she's a fully fledged band member, adding her beautiful voice to Beequeen's off-beat songs. Port Out Starboard Home features surreal dream-pop, but always with that unique twist that is Beequeen's own. The album is loosely based around the theme of traveling.

This new album is again produced by Erik Drost (The Legendary Pink Dots) with the help of Petra Randewijk.

Since their start as Beequeen in 1989, Freek Kinkelaar and Frans de Waard have produced numerous released for labels such as Staalplaat, Anomlous, Auf Abwegen and Infraction, moving from a classic drone approach up to the watermark year 2000, when Beequeen decided to go out into a pop-folk-electronic direction, resulting a string of well received albums for Important Records: The Bodyshop (2005), Sandancing (2008) and Port Out Starboard Home (2011), each more and more focused on the vocals of Olga Wallis, Freek Kinkelaar's guitar and keyboards and Frans de Waard electronic treatments.


1. Good Day Good Bye

2. Patience

3. Someday Today

4. A Snared Dwarf

5. Giant's Hill

6. Howard Is Not At Home

7. The Centipede Song

8. A Gall Ill Sow

9. Young Man With A Horn

10. Port Out Starboard Home

11. The Lord Is My Shepherd

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