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Rivulets - We're Fucked - CD

Rivulets - We're Fucked - CD

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Important Records is proud to be releasing the fourth album (the second on Important) from Nathan Amundson's Rivulets. With a beautifully authentic emotional depth, Nathan's voice is his most compelling instrument, a tool for delivering pure emotion from his heart straight into yours. Representing five years of work & near constant touring, this album reflects the intense nature of Rivulets as a 3 piece. If you haven't seen them on tour this record will come as a revelation. Recorded, appropriately, at the Sacred Heart Music Center, a cathedral built in the late nineteenth century.

"The title is just a phrase that kept popping up in my head as we were recording. It reflects the feeling and atmosphere of the songs in some ways but probably has more to do with my own frustration with the world - with people and politics and the lack of any meaningful or lasting change. And just being sick of nobody out there saying anything at all. Just this completely vapid cultural/musical landscape. You know, I'm on the fringes anyway. I may as well say what I mean.

"'We're Fucked' is not intended as the end of the discussion, but the beginning. It's 'We're fucked. Now what?'" ~ Nathan Amundson

Nathan Amundson is a fiscal year 2010 recipient of an Artist Support Grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, which is funded with money from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008, and an appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature.

"Rivulets is the musical vehicle of singer/songwriter Nathan Amundson, who, with his spectral strumming, grainy falsetto and sparse arrangements, personifies minimalism." ~ CMJ


1. Interstate

2. No Talking

3. The Road

4. I Am

5. Gentile Boyfriend

6. Everybody's On the Run

7. Dewayne (Instrumental)

8. Come See Me

9. Sheep Among Wolves

10. Souls

11. Change In Your Heart

12. I Don't Want To Be Found

13. This Stays True


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