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Master Musicians of Bukkake - Twilight of the Kali Yuga Tours: Live Totems 2009-2011 - LP

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Limited edition of 1000 copies pressed. Selected, mixed & mastered by Randall Dunn. Deluxe gatefold LP with gloss overprint. First 100 copies shipped via mailorder on blue vinyl.

Master Musicians of Bukkake present a collage of performances from recordings made throughout the Totem tours. Improvisations and live renditions featuring extended versions of music from Totem One, Two, and Three - all on glorious vinyl!

Randall Dunn: Rag-Dun Tibetan long trumpet, throat singing, Korg MS-20, Mellotron, Micromoog, Korg Poly Six, guitar, audio hallucinations;
Don McGreevy: Drums, percussion, gong ritual, acoustic guitar, eternal thirst;
Milky: Electric guitar, vocals, yugas;
Dave Abramson: Drums, percussion, singing bowls, Kalibash;
B.R.A.D: Divination, gongs, vocals, atrophy, 80s Italian fear;
Jim Davis: Electric bass, keyboards, nylon string guitar, fair;
Timba Harris: Violin, viola, Middle Way.


Side A:

1. Womb Choosing

2. Iron Age Nativity/Black Moss Invocation

3. Finally Someone Told the Truth

4. Bahkti

5. Neo Necro Patriarch 

Side B:

1. Listen To the Winds All Directions

2. St. Germainwolf

3. Ashtar's Comman