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Portraits - Portraits - LP

Portraits - Portraits - LP

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Edition of 500. Screen printed jackets.  First 100 on color vinyl.

Beautiful new full length LP featuring Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (Root Strata, Tarentel), Evan Caminiti & Jon Porras (Barn Owl), Lisa McGee (Higuma), Gregg Kowalsky & Marielle Jakobsons (Date Palms), Maxwell Croy (Root Strata/EN) Steven Dye & Tony Cross (Tarentel alum) and Michel Elrod, who plays tambura with Date Palms, Barn Owl & The Alps among others.

This large group is somehow able to focus and refine their sounds into sublime acoustic drone full of deep tones, rich harmonics, and an overall lush blend blend across a wide range of frequencies.

Recorded & mixed by the Norman Conquest - who also worked on the recent Barn Owl/Infinite Strings Ensemble (IMPREC335).


1. D

2. SA

3. Gong


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