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Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch - Concerning the Entrance Into Eternity - LP/CD

Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch - Concerning the Entrance Into Eternity - LP/CD

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2014 re-press of the beautiful new collaborative work from Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch. 

Concerning the Entrance Into Eternity is an extraordinary new collaboration between Dutch lutenist Jozef Van Wissem and American filmmaker & guitarist Jim Jarmusch. Jarmusch's previous collaborations with Wissem have not prepared the eager listener for the expressiveness and emotional depth of his playing on these duets. Respectful of one another's space, the pair weave layers of melody and waves of feedback while acoustic guitar and lute wrap together with a subtle depth exemplifying an austere understanding and compatibility. Jarmusch's guitar work is metaphysical, at times sounding like a hurdy gurdy and at other times sounding as if it is responding to the calls of the lute. The final piece, He Is Hanging By His Shiny Arms, His Heart An Open Wound WIth Love, finds Jarmusch accompanying a solo lute composition with a reading from St. John of the Cross. The record has three titles named after christian mystic Emanuel Swedenborg's work; in keeping with how simultaneously extraordinary, new and arcane this record is - modern but timeless.


1. Apokatastasis (Restoration)

2. Concerning the Entrance Into Eternity

3. Continuation of the Last Judgement

4. The Sun of the Natural World Is Pure Fire

5. He Is Hanging By His Shiny Arms, His Heart An Open Wound With Love




Sound On Sound


"A Baroque lutenist with prolific recording habits and experimental interests, Van Wissem plays his minimalist, circular compositions with filmmaker/musician Jarmusch, who adds drifting waves of guitar which sometimes add an ominous tone and sometimes a lighter one. It's entrancing music which has more of an emphasis on melody than you at first expect, while also staking out uniquely dreamy territory. The tracks have ancient religious titles like 'Concerning the Entrance Into Eternity' which give the music, even at its prettiest, the sense that it's carrying weighty existential concerns within it. That feeling builds across the album, as the music gets darker, though the last track is the loveliest." ~ Big Takeover

"Although acclaimed director Jarmusch shines brightest on the marquee, it's actually Baroque-lute player Wissem who leads the charge with his gently plucked arpeggios. Jarmusch drones feedback with the occasional melodic line tossed off, and while his role is supportive, it's also an integral thread in the musical tapestry here. Sparsely laid down, Wissem's minimalist melodies are guaranteed to reduce even the most callous listener to a puddle. 8.5/10" ~ Montreal Mirror

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