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Eleh/Duane Pitre - Split - LP

Eleh/Duane Pitre - Split - LP

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Low numbers under #20 or leftover copies which had letters instead of numbers (less than 24 copies of leftovers exist)

Split release including a new 20 minute piece from Eleh and the Installation Version of Duane Pitre's beautiful new composition, Feel Free. Screenprinted jackets.

Feel Free is a new composition by Duane Pitre that currently has three possible manifestations: solo performance, group performance, and sound installation. At the core of all of them is the pillar of the work, an open yet orderly system whose intention is to produce potentially infinite variations of self-generating rhythm and melody. This system is created in part by a Max/MSP patch, designed by the composer, which consists of two (unprocessed) sound sources: guitar harmonics and simple-timbre electronic tones (in the solo/group versions, the latter are performed by the composer).

Where the solo and group versions find the work following a sequence of movements (each embodying a varying feeling) that consist of different pitches and rules/methods for the group to execute them, the "installation version" (side B of this record) is void of any performers and is meant to embody a certain stillness. And while the listener may become familiar with what seem to be recurring patterns, no sounds are ever looped, but are rather continually moving forward, yet still remain suspended.


A. Eleh - Empty Summer Endless

B. Duane Pitre - Feel Free (Installation Version)

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