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Eleh - Radiant Intervals - LP/CD

Eleh - Radiant Intervals - LP/CD

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180 gram
Heavy duty screen printed jackets
2016 Repress

First pressing copies are available. Low numbers under #10. Letterpress sleeves. 

Handmade sleeves were made to use up leftover records. 21 were made and numbered followed by some X/21 copies which were made when even more leftovers were found. Handmades are from the first pressing not the 2nd pressing. 

Eleh was formed in 1999 as an exploration of analog synthesis.  Eleh create highly minimal and deeply personal/spiritual pure analog electro-acoustic music with emphasis on tonal juxtapositions, harmonic intervals, bass tones and various acoustic phenomenon. Eleh's work emphasizes the physical presence of sound as it has been inspired by the physical world.


1. Night of Pure Energy

2. Death Is Eternal Bliss

3. Bright & Central As the Sun Itself

4. Measuring the Immeasurable

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