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Acid Mothers Temple - Son of A Bitches Brew - 2LP/CD

Acid Mothers Temple - Son of A Bitches Brew - 2LP/CD

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Double LP limited to 500 copies & available in 3 color options: Black, Blue, and Salmon.

Son of A Bitches Brew is a true electric jazz record from the Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Rooted in the sound of Miles Davis' electric era, this record melds jazz, funk and psych with AMTs synth swoops, space whispers and cosmic acid vibe. Tsuyama Atsushi replaces Wayne Shorter on soprano saxophone, Cotton Casino rejoins & AMT goes all in. The only joke here are the titles.

Recorded at the Acid Mothers Temple between December 2011 and 2012. 

Son of A Bitches Brew is being released simultaneously with Kawabata Makoto's collaborative release, The Golden Tree, recorded with a qui avec Gabriel.

Tsuyama Atsushi: bass, soprano saxophone, nei, pungi, alto recorder, voice
Shimura Koki: drums
Kawabata Makoto: guitar, electric piano, electronics, fuzz-otamatone tape machine, yanquin, tanbura
Higashi Hiroshi: synthesizer
Tabata Mitsuro: guitar, guitar synthesizer on Tabata Mitsuru
Cotton Casino: space whisper
Tabla Man: tabla on Tabata Mitsuru
Stoo Odom: voice on Son of A Bitches Brew


1. Son of A Bitches Brew

2. Helen Buddha; Miss Condom X

3. Fellatioh's Dance Also Bitch's Blow

4. Water Babies Kill Kill Kill

5. Theme From Violence Jack Johnson

6. Tabata Mitsuru

7. Sweet Peanut Vs. Macedonian Beauty


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