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Gezan - It Was Once Said To Be A Song - CD

Gezan - It Was Once Said To Be A Song - CD

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It Was Once Said To Be A Song is the debut album from Japan's Gezan. Originally released in Japan in 2010, Gezan have become popular in their home country for their high speed noise, punk, hardcore and psych-rock music. They have been embraced by the previous generation of underground rock. The band was recommended to Imprec by Kawabata Makoto of the Acid Mothers Temple who said that Gezan was his favorite live band in Japan.

"Your blood dyes the shattered sky as dark as red can be. Gezan is awesome!" ~ Merzbow

"Gezan is a single flower blooming in a sea of blood. Noisy as hell, live but with melody - like seeing violence and silence at once." ~ Jojo Hiroshige (Hijokaidan)

"What are they going to do on their next album? They are criminals of conscience but their seriousness is something we have to return in favor. Just listening to their songs tests your nature. You don't have to sit up straight to listen to their music but listen to it with your hands in fists!" ~ Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple)

"It's fun being able to watch Gezan break the norm of sound, image and habits." ~ Agata (Melt Banana)

"Their outburst of energy reminds us of a generation of bands like YBO2 and Boredoms. It's something that makes butterflies in my stomach. It really is a new generation and I'm excited for their future sounds. Gezan, they're finally here! Watch out, they'll suck you to your bones." ~ Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins)


1. Full Claw Lunar Surface

2. Mishima Lipstick

3. Doddoril Blues

4. Full Reconciliation Beetle

5. Beetle Tongue

6. Man

7. Resonance

8. Knee In the Spring

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