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Diane Cluck - Boneset - 10"/CD

Diane Cluck - Boneset - 10"/CD

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After a seven-year hiatus, Boneset is the seventh album from modern folk artist Diane Cluck. Cluck's uniquely clipped, glottal vocals and harp-like acoustic guitar are embedded in rich textures from cellist Isabel Castellvi and drummer Anders Griffen.

Recorded to analog tape at Brooklyn's Trout Recording, Boneset is comprised of songs written years ago, not so long ago, just recently, laid out in near-chronological order. Dark to light to dark, the album overends as a kind of mobius strip, songs seeded with birds, death, wealth, poverty, boldness and heart.


1. Maybe A Bird

2. Content To Reform

3. Draw Me Out

4. Not Afraid To Be Kind

5. Why Feel Alone?

6. Trophies

7. Heartloose

8. Sara


Attn Magazine 

NPR: Diane Cluck has been under-appreciated for so long, it's hard not to try to make up for lost time. So, before you listen to Boneset for the first time, take a few minutes to listen to one of the best songs of the last 10 years: "All I Bring You Is Love," from Cluck's fourth album Oh Vanille/Ova Nil.

Then, proceed with the rest of her story. Cluck is a 14-year veteran of what used to be called the "anti-folk" scene, which encompassed anyone who approached folk music like early Mountain Goats: non-conformists with acoustic guitars. That's not to say that Cluck sounds remotely like John Darnielle — her voice is traditionally beautiful, albeit not always employed that way — but they share an ethos that not all folk music needs to sound soft.

Brooklyn Vegan: Folk singer Diane Cluck hasn't released an album since 2006s Monarcana, but that will finally change this year with Boneset, which is out March 4 (pre-order) via Important Records, also home to Noveller, Emily Jane White and others. The eight years off from releasing albums hasn't taken a negative toll on her music at all, on the couple songs we've heard from the new album, Diane sounds as inspired as ever.

"Diane Cluck is a virtuosic talent with an emotionality that feels at once ancient and alien. Her mastery of her voice as an ecstatic instrument is so compelling." ~ Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons)

"Cluck's sparse compositions seem to float defiantly from some fortress the conscious self had long left behind." ~ The Providence Phoenix

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