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Holy Sons - My Only Warm Coals - CD

Holy Sons - My Only Warm Coals - CD

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My Only Warm Coals neatly sums up a fifteen year span of  Emil Amos' (Grails/Om) basement home-recording in nineteen songs. Using the 4-track like a mirror in LSD therapy sessions, Amos disassembles himself and leaves the puddle on the floor for the listener to contemplate without easy resolution.

The record also arcs a period of "lo-fi" recording technique and sonic experimentation that has largely gone undocumented in the larger underground culture, while epitomizing a supremely alienated sound from a person who wouldn't set foot on a stage for most of these 15 years.


1. Station ID

2. More Flophouse Blues

3. Bed of Nails

4. Blank Sheet

5. The Bad Sleep Well

6. Natural Courses

7. My Lot In Life

8. Underdog Cringe

9. The Fact Facer

10. More Voodoo

11. Station ID #2

12. Aged Wine

13.Things On My Mind

14. Mind's Eye

15. Stairwell

16. Don't Boil Me

17. More Suburban Shamanisms

18. Wasted, Warped

19. Detached In Ways


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