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Deceh/Total Life - Split - LP

Deceh/Total Life - Split - LP

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Split release between Kevin Doria's Total Life (Growing) and Deceh (Eleh/Srines), pressed in an edition of 500 copies and housed in deluxe 2 color screen printed, heavy duty jackets. 

Kevin Doria's work as Total Life precedes his work done as half of the group Growing, and is continuously evolving; this contributed track, Fader, is no exception.

Deceh's contribution is an extended harmonic magnification of a shruti box, Hammond organ, upright double bass & modular synthesizer.

Proper full lengths from both Total Life & Deceh will be issued via Important in 2013.

*NOTE: Deceh's piece is in three parts & could not be accurately represented in the mp3 sample. Thus, you'll hear that the mp3 sample is a crude edit without fades between sections.  


Total Life "Fader" 

Deceh  "Thrive Outside Economy" *

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