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Xiu Xiu & Eugene S. Robinson Present: Sal Mineo - Sal Mineo - CD

Xiu Xiu & Eugene S. Robinson Present: Sal Mineo - Sal Mineo - CD

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Sal Mineo is a Jamie Stewart/XIU XIU + Eugene S. Robinson/Oxbow production. Now sleep tight.

Sitting at the crossroads between Oxbow's Eugene S. Robinson [lyrics/voice] and XIU XIU's Jamie Stewart [music], Sal Mineo is a pure/impure distillate of experimentalism based on 30 second, to 3-minute long focused bursts of sonic crime, that plumb the cooling depths of a pleasure cruised death trip. These two undisputed heavyweights of musical and emotional non-compromise, whose music leaves tender bruises by whatever sweet blow it is rendered, are ready to crack rooms in two with their high precision silencer of a duo show, combining the best and most free-roaming of both their artistic domains.

"One minute it seemed I had more... offers than I could handle, the next, no one wanted me." In the midnight midst of a decline that found it's near inevitable conclusion in a Los Angeles alley at the wrong end of an edged weapon, the band Sal Mineo, as influenced by the man, is much more about the accretion of failure, cinematic and otherwise, than it is about the now almost forgotten rise.


1. The Great Expanse

2. Sad, Snowy & Slick

3. Brutish

4. Promise Every Night

5. Lingual

6. The Girl Eeveryone Loves

7. The Hand, the Bush

8. A Sharp Dressed Man Who Looks Like That

9. No One Likes You

10. The Priamary Bell

11. Strategic Thermal Unit

12. Arrondisement

13. Glass

14. A Nice Guy

15. Absolutely No Dispute

16. Sex + Cash

17. Menagerie In Munich

18. Who Do We Love?

19. Glum Chum

20. Dollars On Demand

21. Anywhere But Here There

22. Bits of Habits

23. Sunset '69

24. A Crying Clown. With A Knife


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