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Else Marie Pade & Jacob Kirkegaard - SVÆVNINGER - LP/CD

Else Marie Pade & Jacob Kirkegaard - SVÆVNINGER - LP/CD

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Gorgeous electronic collaboration between Jacob Kirkegaard and Else Marie Pade. Urgent CD reissue of the sold out LP containing a beautiful and exclusive 15-minute bonus track not included on the LP release.

Else Marie Pade (born December 2, 1924 in Aarhus) is a Danish composer who pioneered electronic and concrete music in Denmark beginning in 1954 . Pade was active in the resistance movement during the Second World War, and was interned at the Frøslev prison camp from 1944 till the end of the war. An archival collection of Else Marie Pade's electronic work is now available on Important Records.

Danish artist Jacob Kirkegaard's works are focused on scientific and aesthetic aspects of sonic perception. He explores acoustic spaces and phenomena that usually remain imperceptible to the immediate ear. Kirkegaard's installations, compositions & photographs are created from within a variety of environments such as subterranean geyser vibrations, empty rooms in Chernobyl, a rotating TV tower, and even sounds from the human inner ear itself.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Kirkegaard is a graduate of the Academy for Media Arts in Cologne. Since 1995, Kirkegaard has presented his works at galleries, museums, venues & conferences throughout the world. His sound works are primarily released by the British record label Touch and he is a member of the sound art collective freq-out.

Despite an age difference of 51 years, Else Marie Pade and Jacob Kirkegaard speak a similar musical language and are prominent listeners and communicators of sounds that we tend to overhear. For the first time these two pioneers are collaborating on a new work: SVÆVNINGER investigates the variations that one can hear when sound waves collide. Both artists have previously worked on this phenomenon; Jacob Kirkegaard in his work Labyrinthitis (2007) and Else Marie Pade in her work Faust Suite (1962). For their new joint piece SVÆVINGER, they remixed some of Pade's early (and hitherto unreleased) sound experiments with some of Kirkegaard's recordings from his own ear, thus leading the audience straight into the undiscovered labyrinths of their own hearing.


1. Cirrocumulus

2. Cirrostratus

3. Stratus

4. Altocumulus

5. Cumulonimbus

6. Nimbostratus

7. Bortdragende Regnskyer (CD Exclusive Bonus Track)


"For all the scientific rigour to Kirkegaard's research into the sonic possibilities of various materials, his work reveals an underlying fascination for the mysteries and myths embedded in them. His work channels an access to an inner world." ~ Anne Hilde Neset, The Wire, 07/09

Bill Meyer in the Chicago Reader:

The compositions on this LP are named after cloud formations, but there's nothing fluffy about them. Svævninger is a collaboration between two Danish sound artists and composers, octogenarian Else Marie Pade and Jacob Kirkegaard, who's half a century her junior. Like Englishwomen Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram, Pade is enjoying a measure of appreciation denied her during her pioneering days - in this case, the middle of the 20th century, when she was her country's first electronic composer. Unlike them, she's not only still alive but also still working. Svævninger features long, glassy tones close enough to each other in pitch that they induce beating tones and lively otoacoustic emissions (sounds that occur only inside the ear). The effect is gorgeous and deeply affecting; Eliane Radigue might make something like this if she were trying to imitate the voices of jungle birds.

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