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Total Life - Radiator - LP

Total Life - Radiator - LP

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* Warehouse find - red vinyl 

Beautiful new work from Kevin Doria (Growing), packaged in a deluxe 2 color screen printed jacket. Hand numbered edition of 500, with 100 copies on red vinyl - to be played at 33rpm. Intended for high volume playback.

If Eliane Radigue and Kevin Drumm made a record together it might sound something like Total Life. Kevin Doria creates a sound world with deep inner dynamics shrouded by distortion. Whether you stay on the surface or listen deeply, the energy in this work is vivid.

Recorded and mixed at home in the Winter of 2012, Radiator represents the first proper full length release by Total Life for Important Records. Radiator is inspired by standing on the gas and pushing forward by any means necessary in a fog of high volume and hazy memories, true love and terminal velocity. 

Kevin Doria plays the Endangered Audio Research AD4096 analog delay, pedal modulated and tweaked by the GRIZLA Gristleizer through Ampeg Amplification as loud as possible with the aide of Ninkasi Brewing
Company India Pale Ales. 


1. Radiator I

2. Radiator II


"Fortunately, Kevin Doria is back and his new album is devestating." ~ Ad Hoc

"For 40 minutes, Radiator becomes my everything." ~ ATTN: Magazine

"What at first seems grating gradually evolves into a mechanism of soothing sonority that enables you to enter a glorious, tabula rasa'd mind state. It's downright therapeutic." ~ The Stranger

"Truly some zone out perfection to immerse yourself into." ~ Musique Machine

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