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Noveller - No Dreams - CD

Noveller - No Dreams - CD

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Deluxe 3 panel digi printed on heavy stock with matte finish.

Sarah Lipstate is Noveller and No Dreams, her 6th full-length release, welcomes in an era of expanded instrumentation for the Brooklyn-based guitarist and composer. Acclaimed for her previous guitar-only albums, Lipstate tightens her grasp on her title of "An Orchestra of One" while boldly exploring the sonic possibilities of supplementing her signature lush, loop-based guitar soundscapes with textural washes of synth, haunting piano, and pulsing throbs of electronic beats. Aided by her experiences collaborating with renowned film-composer Nathan Larson on original music for several feature film scores, Lipstate expertly blends these new elements with her guitar finally realizing the richness and density that her previous guitar-based albums reached for while still undeniably sounding like Noveller.

The compositions on No Dreams explore the artist's struggle with her blurred perception of reality and hallucination in the twilight of sleep and awakening. The songs alternate between being firmly rooted in place, like the epic beat-driven Mannahatta and the playful guitar melodies of Rue de Montmorency, and navigating the murky underworld of nightmare as in the dissonant layers of bowed guitar and manipulated piano in The Fright. Title track No Dreams is a gloriously melancholic plea from Lipstate's overdriven electric guitar for exemption from the throes of parasomnia.

Noveller toured the US collaborating with On Fillmore (bassist Darin Gray and drummer Glenn Kotche of Wilco) to perform a live score for the live stage performance of the immensely popular nationally-syndicated radio program Radiolab. Jad Abumrad, the host of Radiolab, reached out to Sarah Lipstate as a fan after learning of Noveller through avant-garde cellist and Radiolab collaborator Zoe Keating. More info here:



1. Fighting Sleep

2. Mannahatta

3. No Dreams

4. Purchase

5. Gathering the Elements

6. Rue de Montmorency

7. The Fright

8. Outro

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