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Duane Pitre - Bridges - LP/CD

Duane Pitre - Bridges - LP/CD

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Duane Pitre's new album, Bridges, features two pieces taken from a suite of analogous compositions by the same name, and was composed by Pitre in 2012. The two pieces that comprise the album are meant to work together in sequence as a composite work; or they can be isolated and listened to on their own. The title derives its name from the original concept for this work, which was to bring together aspects of traditional Eastern music (such as compositional form and tuning) with Western musical traditions (such as in the church music of the Middle Ages and modern classical music). The result is an album that merges the ancient with the new, while creating a sound that is wholly its own.

CD is housed in a 6-panel digipack on thick board stock with a matte laminate coating & spot-gloss.

Duane Pitre - compositions, cumbus, ukelin, mandolin, computer, & electronics
Oliver Barrett - cello
Bhob Rainey - soprano saxophone

Written/arranged/recorded/mixed August - November 2012. Mastered by Altered Ear.


1. Bridges: Earth/Ember/Serpent

2. Bridges: Cup/Aether/Crane


"On Bridges, Pitre works the mathematical precision of the Just Intonation system into two side-long, gorgeously free-floating compositions, full of arcing, swooping strings that accumulate and disperse like tides of fog." ~ Uncut

"If you're looking for another record that sounds like Feel Free, Bridges hits the spot without merely duplicating it. But it also rings some changes. The withdrawal of Feel Free's random elements reasserts compositional control, and in doing so, makes clear that Pitre is a creator of systems rather than an artist beholden to a particular system."  ~ Dusted

"More confident than Feel Free, he may quote in the style of the avant-garde's history and vernacular, but compared to most lifeless "New Music" nowadays, this album moves intuitively, and actually breathes. It's almost like a punk album: we have the sound of someone developing their own language by studying and then casting aside lineage, history, and theory – and just doing it. I'm curious to hear how he evolves." ~ The Liminal

"Bridges displays an impressive evolution." ~ Brainwashed

"'My hope is that this compilation, both its sound and its text, will shed light on what is indeed another beautiful facet of the world of music,'" he wrote. His goal, then, has long been to illuminate and not to obscure. He is an outsider who became an insider without forgetting that most of us were beginners once, too." ~ Indy Week

Best of 2013 ~ Chicago Reader


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