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Steve Gunn & Mike Gangloff - Melodies For A Savage Fix - CD/LP

Steve Gunn & Mike Gangloff - Melodies For A Savage Fix - CD/LP

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Steve Gunn and Mike Gangloff (Pelt) combine six-and 12-string guitars with gongs, tanpura, singing bowls, shruti box, and banjo for a gorgeous collection of improvised compositions. The two artists took it pretty far off the beaten path for Melodies For A Savage Fix, sequestering themselves for an overnight session in the remote farmhouse/recording studio of noted roots-music engineer Joseph Dejarnette (Carolina Chocolate Drops, Bruce Greene, Curtis Eller) in the countryside of Floyd County, Virginia.

There in the tiny community of Topeka, miles from the county's one traffic light, they set up an assortment of six- and 12-string guitars, gongs and Indian instruments, plus the banjo Gangloff sometimes plays at monthly square dances at a country store just up the road, and settled in for an intense night of improvisation.


1. First of Spring

2. Out Canning Factory Road 

3. Worry Past Worry

4. Topeka AM

5. Dive For the Pearl



"Gunn & Gangloff toy with your mind's neurochemistry: summoning the most majestic melancholy, tapping into distant calamity, radiating ominous desolation, heightening perceptions, hollowing you out, swallowing you in desolate Melodies For A Savage Fix." ~ Blues Rag 

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