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Aidan Baker - Triptychs: Variations On A Melody - CD

Aidan Baker - Triptychs: Variations On A Melody - CD

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Aidan Baker's Triptychs takes inspiration from Erik Satie's Gymnopédies, and Satie's notion of "furniture music," which many consider a precursor to contemporary ambient music. Each "triptych" is based around a simple, slow moving melodic line, which repeats three times with the addition of an harmonic line upon each repetition, culminating in a three part harmony. Various musicians from different ensembles and musical backgrounds - Peter Broderick, Julia Kent, Leah Buckareff (of Nadja), Aki Yakamoto (of Vampillia), and Baker himself - were invited to record their interpretations of these compositions.

Toronto based composer Aidan Baker works under his own name, under the name Nadja along with bassist Leah Buckareff, and also with the trio ARC. Hailing from the Great White North, Baker incorporates guitar, drums, bass, voice and tape loops into his myriad work hauling down a long iceberg of frigid doom, bliss and sound collage. He has also composed work for the The Penderecki String Quartet & The Uxbridge Chamber Choir. He is also a published poet.


1. Triptych One (Version 1): Aidan Baker - Electric Guitar

2. Triptych One (Version 2): Aidan Baker - Acoustic 12-String Guitar

3. Triptych Two (Version 1): Leah Buckareff - Electric Bass Guitar

4. Triptych Two (Version 2): David Nesselhauf - Double Bass

5. Triptych Three (Version 1): Aidan Baker - Melodica

6. Triptych Three (Version 2): Katie English - Flute

7. Triptych Four (Version 1): Rose Bolton - Violin

8. Triptych Four (Version 2): Peter Broderick - Violin

9. Triptych Four (Version 3): Angela Chan - Viola

10. Triptych Four (Version 4): Julia Kent - Cello

11. Triptych Five (Version 1): Felicia Atkinson - Organ

12. Triptych Five (Version 2): Peter Broderick - Piano

13. Triptych Five (Version 3): Aki Yakamoto - Piano

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