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José Orozco Mora - Sucesiones - Tape **

José Orozco Mora - Sucesiones - Tape **

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Release date 8.18.23

Sucesiones is a compilation of studies written for 53 equal divisions of the octave (53 EDO). This tuning temperament was selected after analyzing the work of Mexican researcher and visionary Augusto Novaro, one of the microtonal and just intonation pioneer theorists. Novaro claims that 53 EDO is one of rich musical qualities, which has good approximations to the harmonic series.

The use of simple textures such as sine waves was a conscious decision, this in order to maintain the focus on the relationship between the frequencies and the possibilities this tuning allows, that fluctuate from aggressive beat frequencies to pure intervals. These four compositions serve as an introduction and familiarization to the tuning’.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by José Orozco Mora in his studio (Mexico City)

José Orozco Mora (Chapala, México) has worked with different aspects of sound creation, such as composition, sound design, recording and production. His work mainly explores the fundamental aspects of the sonic spectrum, implementing alternate tunings and temperaments, exploring their harmonic content through the combination of frequencies, using both acoustic and electronic sources. These explorations had led Orozco to utilize different artistic mediums such as quadraphonic compositions, sound installations, and others.

Orozco has released his work in labels such as Debacle Records (USA), Constellation Tatsu (USA), Hole Records (MEX). He has performed and presented his work in Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, México, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, etc.

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