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Kenneth James Gibson & Paul Carman - Murals For Immersion - Tape - PREORDER

Kenneth James Gibson & Paul Carman - Murals For Immersion - Tape - PREORDER

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Release date May 31, 2024

‘Murals For Immersion’ is Kenneth James Gibson’s 6th ambient outing under his given name, this time around collaborating with saxophonist Paul Carman who played and recorded with Frank Zappa in what Zappa called The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life. (continued below....)

In late 2022, Gibson and Carman started getting together at Gibson’s Idyllwild studio, laying down tons of Saxophone sounds - layers of drones, melody lines, and off kilter noises. Gibson processed, sculpted, and arranged these sounds into full fledged pieces of music. Although the original idea was to make a 100% pure Saxophone based album, sub-heavy Moog Prodigy bass swells were added to fill out the lower end of the spectrum. From this process we give you the aptly titled ‘Murals For Immersion’.

About Paul Carman:
Paul is a legend in the California Jazz scene and a veteran of the 80’s Frank Zappa Band (in Frank's own words, "the best band you never heard in your life"). Rehearsing, touring, and recording with one of music's most influential groundbreakers inspired Carman to form his own ensembles and write his own original music. He has released six recordings over the past 35 years. Paul also played and recorded in bands such as ESP, Continuum, Quarteto Nuevo, and Dick Dale. Paul has a trio with bassist Marshall Hawkins (Miles Davis, Roberta Flack) and pianist Barnaby Finch (George Benson, Lee Ritnour). They play in his hometown Idyllwild, Ca. on a weekly basis to tourists who have no idea of the caliber of music that are about to witness.

About Kenneth James Gibson:
Currently floating between Idyllwild and Los Angeles , California, Kenneth James Gibson was born in Canada, but grew up in El Paso, Texas. He first learned to play guitar on his father’s acoustic and got his first 4-track recorder at age 19. Gibson founded the 1990s noise rock band Furry Things, which released most of its material on King Coffey’s (of the Butthole Surfers) Trance Syndicate / Touch and Go Records imprint.

Gibson has also released music that spans many genres under aliases such as Eight Frozen Modules, dubLoner, and Hiss & Buzz (with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto). He founded the electronic music record label Adjunct Audio in early 2005 with friend Konstantin Gabbro, through Kompakt Records.

Gibson, along with Brian McBride of Stars of the Lid, started the band Bell Gardens in 2009. The two explored the realms of Americana, chamber pop, folk, and psychedelic pop. The band released 3 albums on Southern Records, Rocket Girl, and their own Failed Better. In 2014, under the alias Reverse Commuter, Gibson collaborated with Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb on the track Whispers In on his album Exposure. In April 2016, Gibson released his first full-length ambient album under his given name titled The Evening Falls on Kompakt and returned for a second album in March of 2018 titled In The Fields Of Nothing. In 2022 he followed this up with 2 more albums, Groundskeeping and Ssih Mountain on his own Meadows Heavy Recorders. 2023 saw the release of Further Translations - a remix LP featuring mixes by Brian McBride, Jack Dangers, Christopher Willits, Scanner, Chuck Johnson, Less Bells, and more.  Gibson composes music for TV & film and has a sizable filmography on IMDb.

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