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Koen Holtkamp - Gong Solo - Cassette

Koen Holtkamp - Gong Solo - Cassette

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'These pieces are the first part of a series devoted to exploring the gong so I decided to begin with a very simple approach. 'Mallet' is literally the first recording I made with the gong on the day I acquired it it so represents my initial reaction to the instrument. It's the same basic tempo struck with a single mallet but varying intensity and position of the mallet on the gong to get a wider range of dynamics and sound. 'Sine' uses a single low frequency sine wave tuned to a resonant frequency of the gong. Other than fading out the sine wave coming from the speaker behind the gong at the very end I didn't make any changes during the recording so the minute fluctuations that happen during the piece are purely from the gong interacting with the bass tone.'
'Mallet' 2015 / 'Sine' 2016.


A. Mallet
B. Sine