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mHz - Function - CD

mHz - Function - CD

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1. y = cos(x)
2. y = sin(1/x)
3. y = log(x)
4. y = sin(x)/x
5. y = sin(x)cos(x) 6. y = 1/x^2
7. y = x
8. y = -1/x

p>Function is an aesthetic exploration of digital audio at an elemental level: a sequence of quantized amplitude values. The entire sonic material in this series are generated through a custom-designed program that takes a mathematical function as input, and based on a set of pre-defined criteria, outputs the function as a digital waveform. Accordingly, each track in this series is named after one mathematical function, where the function itself is used as the only sound-generating engine. These raw sonic materials are then processed through a number of common audio effects, and organized and structured into a compositional form.

Function builds on an ongoing investigation into a realization of brutalist aesthetics through sound and audiovisual media. Through a reductionist approach towards its distinctly digital sonic structures, the work embraces the crude limitations of its medium as the primary aesthetic construct. It uses mathematically architected tonal and rhythmic structures to allow for a celebratory exposure of its “anti-beautiful" raw material. In doing so, it projects an uncompromising clarity of structure, a conscious negation of interpolation, and a steadfast refusal to hide the machine’s footprint.

Mo H. Zareei aka mHz is an Iranian electronic musician, sound artist, and researcher, based in Wellington, New Zealand. Using custom-built software and hardware, his experiments with sound cover a wide range from electronic compositions to kinetic sound-sculptures and audiovisual installations. 

Zareei’s work aims to highlight the beauty in the basics of sound and light production and reductionist audiovisual elements that draw inspiration from physical and architectural principles. Over the course of his PhD, he developed a portfolio of works focused on the intersections of sound art and Brutalism. His “Brutalist Noise Ensemble” has been featured on platforms such as Creative Applications, Streaming Museum, and Fast Co.

Zareei has presented his work at international venues and festivals such as SETxCTM Festival (Tehran), New Zealand Festival (Wellington), the International Symposium on Electronic Art (Vancouver), and New Interfaces for Musical Expression (London), to name a few. His installation Rasping Music was the recipient of the 1st prize in Sound Art category of the international Sonic Arts Award 2015 (Italy).

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