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Quintron / NYZ - Weather Music - Tape

Quintron / NYZ - Weather Music - Tape

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release date: June 23, 2023

A: Quintron - Weather Warlock
B: David Burraston - Rainwire

Weather Music features music controlled by the weather and performed on instruments built by Quintron & NYZ.

Side A features the Weather Warlock, designed by New Orleans artist & instrument builder Quintron.

"Weather Warlock is an environmentally responsive analog synthesizer which uses moisture, temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and UV radiation to massage a major chordal drone. The resulting music was designed for self-hypnosis and healing. I wanted something with movement and changes, but completely devoid of human organization - like a fire, or a lake reflecting moonlight. Constantly vibrating with change but also very still." Quintron

Side B features David Burraston's rain wire, a long string instrument stretched across a valley in Australia where it's mic'd like a guitar with a single string being played by the rain. Like Quintron's Weather Warlock, this piece is devoid of human organization but has a natural form we can easily recognize rhythmically as the steady randomness of rainfall mixed with the deep-space reverberations of this long wire instrument.

"Rainwire encompasses the investigation of rainfall using suspended cables (long wire instruments) & its application as a medium for artistic, cultural and scientific exchange. The concept developed from using contact mic recordings of rainfall 'playing' the long wire instruments for music compositions suggesting environmental signification has great potential to measure rainfall accurately." David Burraston

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