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Aki Onda - First Thought Best Thought - Cassette

Aki Onda - First Thought Best Thought - Cassette

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"This is my first-ever cassette recording, made in Morocco in December 1988. I was living in Brixton, South London at that time and bought a Sony Walkman at a market before leaving for Morocco. As soon as I arrived in Marrakech, I was fascinated by the city's exotic soundscape and wanted to record it since I had the brand new toy. My ears were also attracted by Moroccan traditional and modern pop music, which you could hear through radios, and street musicians playing. I remember music was everywhere in Moroccan people's lives.

"Then, I traveled to Tangier by bus. I wanted to go there because I was attracted by the history of bohemian life of the city - Paul & Jane Bowles, Brion Gysin, Allen Ginsberg, Francis Bacon, and of course William S. Burroughs. I was twenty-one years old. Just dreaming and longing for that sort of life myself.

"I recorded total three tapes during my visit to Morocco. However, I lost one of those and another one broke a long time ago. This is the only cassette recording that survived until now." ~ Aki Onda

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