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Caterina Barbieri - Vertical - Cassette (repress)

Caterina Barbieri - Vertical - Cassette (repress)

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Vertical is Caterina Barbieri's debut album, composed for vocals and Buchla 200 modular synthesizer.
Vertical takes a meditative approach to primary waveforms and the polyrhythm of harmonics, stretching the boundaries between drone, minimalism and techno in multichannel systems. This minimalistic focus arises from the polyrhythmic and stratigraphic potential of voltage-controlled sequencers.

Synthesis, drone and immersive listening are three fundamental conditions to enhance an advanced auditory art, not based on extrinsic links, but solely built on the experience of the spectrum, able to develop our very limited ability of perceiving the vertical domain of music, involving us in a holistic way. Caterina Barbieri is a composer and performer of electro-acoustic music. Mostly interested in modular synthesis, three-dimensional spatialisation and psychoacoustic aural sculpture, her music arises from a meditative approach to primary waveforms and the polyrhythm of harmonics..

She received her degree in classical guitar and electro-acoustic music at the Conservatory of Bologna, Italy (plus an exchange program at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden) with a thesis about time, space and spectrum in vertical music. She's currently pursuing a bachelors in Literature and she's active as audiovisual artist, acousmatic composer and guitarist. Her work has been commissioned and performed in festivals and experimental music venues .


1. Undular

2. Pneuma

3. Limen

4. Perspectiva

5. Traum_abc


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