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Thomas Barriere - Primaire - Cassette

Thomas Barriere - Primaire - Cassette

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Thomas Barriere's Primaire is nourished by various ethnic inspirations : Baluchistan, Mediterranean, Namibi bent into a contemporary shape of experimentation and progressive rock.

For this project, Thomas uses a double-neck guitar (six and twelve strings) with two independent outputs, each with its own tube amp. Each channel also has its own volume,distortion, and a switch control allowing several combinations of effects: stereo, resonance, delay.

Barriere uses several objects : bows, eboes, Walkman, coins, chopsticks, chimes, prepared shoes, Moroccan oboe. There are no loops and no overdubs.

All compositions by Thomas Barriere. Recorded and mixed by Mattéo Mannoni for Infernale Machine at the Saint félix Chapel (Béziers, France). Mastering by Taylor Deupree for 12K Mastering.


1. Shemêhaza (15:38)

2. Crossroads (5:29)

3. Rapaces (15:44)

4. La danse des singes (11:22)

5. Harmattan (6:09)

6. Ziqiel (13:56)

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