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Suishou No Fune -The Lost Trees of Paradise - LP - Handmade edition of 100

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Suishou No Fune's Lost Trees Of Paradise was originally scheduled to be released on PSF but after the death of PSF founder Hideo Ikeezumi the record became a handmade tribute to the man and his legacy. 

100 copies were produced by the band, by hand and numbered. Records are pressed on white vinyl. 

For the sleeves, the band produced, by hand,  a traditional Japanese paper called 'washi.' Washi, originating in Japan nearly 1400 years ago, is thin, durable and long-lasting. The lyric sheet inserts were also made by the band using a paper making machine to produce washi. 

The Shosoin, an institution in Japan housing national treasures, has a 1200 year old book made from washi and recently UNESCO added washi to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.