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Supporter Pack 9 - March 2024 - 2 CD & 1 Tape

Supporter Pack 9 - March 2024 - 2 CD & 1 Tape

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"For the better part of two decades, the American imprint, Important Records, has occupied a crucial place in the landscape of ambitious and forward-thinking contemporary sound, offering a home to an incredibly diverse range of artists." Sound Ohm

Help support Imprec and Imprec artists with our support packs. Get all of our new releases and help us continue our search for unheard sounds past, present and future.

weatherproof vinyl Imprec Supporter barn logo sticker included with each Supporter Pack

Stephen Ruppenthal & Gary R. Weisberg  Strange Times  CD  
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard & Quatuor Bozzini  Colliding Bubbles  CD 
Anthony Vine & Gareth Davis  Flourescent Standard - Tape

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