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Larsen - HMKE EP - CD

Larsen - HMKE EP - CD

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Larsen's HMKE contains a Deathprod remix and an Origami Galaktika remix of two new Larsen tracks. The remaining two tracks are unremixed Larsen originals unavailable elsewhere and featuring their beloved cellist Julia Kent (also of Antony & the Johnsons). The second track M, a Larsen original, will be available on the forthcoming Larsen album SeieS, but as a Lustmord/Larsen collaboration and not in this original form. HMKE offers Larsen fans a unique opportunity to see into the next Larsen album through the interpretations of two in-demand remixers.

Deathprod, aka Helge Sten, is a perfect match for Larsen. Well known for his production work for the Norweigan improvisational unit Supersilent, as well as his own dark ambient solo work, he's able to make Larsen his own. A collection of his recordings on the Norweigan Rune Grammofon label titled Black Box was released last year to much critical acclaim. Less is know about the mysterious Oragami Galaktika. They're part of the emerging Oragami Collective and the globe spanning Oragami Republika.

These remixes are exclusive to this limited edition release.


1. H Deathprod remix

2. M original version

3. K Origami Galaktika remix

4. E Origami Galaktika remix


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