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Pestrepeller - Isle of Dark Magick - CD

Pestrepeller - Isle of Dark Magick - CD

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Prepare yourself for this gem of free-improvised-found-sound-collage enriched with dark pagan folky vibes and supernatural horror noise dedicated to HP Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Austin Osman Spare!

Pestrepeller consists of long-celebrated illustrator and Wire journalist Savage Pencil, Evan Parker student and ex-Medicine Head member Peter Hope-Evans, comic artist Ed Pinsent, cartoonist Harley Richardson and Rob Brown.


1. Mold With a Mind

2. No Screeches and Snakes and Deep Dark Menaces

3. My Gun Scatters, My Gun Kills

4. Dismembered Dead Things

5. The Smell of Wet Fur In the Rain

6. Teaching the Clouds To Be Inverted Flames