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Major Stars - Syntoptikon - CD

Major Stars - Syntoptikon - CD

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Syntoptikon features the new lineup of the Major Stars - now with a third guitarist added for extra heaviness. How, you ask, did such massive riffage come about? Here's the back story:

The Major Stars played their most recent tour of the USA in May of 2003, and returned in June to make their definitive studio record, and then headed to NYC a week later to record the Live In Europa split LP with Comets On Fire. Unexpectedly, they laid low for for the next eighteen months, losing longtime drummer Dave Lynch along the way and ending up with an empty bassman spot when Tom Leonard joined Kate Village and Wayne Rogers in the guitar frontline. In this unraveling of sorts, Major Stars mach two starting to come together.

Casey Keenan (drummer-turned-guitarist of local pop heros Carlisle Sound) was roped into resuming his place behind the drum kit. Dave Dougan, already a veteran of the band as bass understudy (he was the unfamiliar figure on stage at their Terrastock 2002 performance), returned to claim the position permanently. The new sextet is completed by the arrival of lead singer Sandra Barrett, formerly of local art-punk legends LA Drugs. By the time Major Stars 4 finally appears to universal acclaim in April 2005, the new band is awake and pummeling the locals with renewed fervor. Synoptikon is the newer, heavier Major Stars who have been dumping amp loads of heft upon Boston stages, and now they're bringing it to your home audio system. A record like this just wouldn't sound right on your dumpy little mp3 player.


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