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XXL (Xiu Xiu Larsen) - ¿Spicchiology? - CD

XXL (Xiu Xiu Larsen) - ¿Spicchiology? - CD

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All Important Records direct mailorder copies will include a free bonus album of improvised XXL material taken from their rehearsal sessions. This disc is as strong as the full length.

Spicchiology? is the sophomore release from the supergroup XXL, comprising all members of Xiu Xiu and Larsen. Recorded in late 2006 in Torino Italy Spicchiology? is the result of a profoundly creative friendship translated into music and spanning the globe.

“It is hard as an American, if of a somewhat boorish ,middle class suburban, albeit freakishly desperate artistically inclined background, to really present without being excessively prosaic as to what it could mean to have, for the second time in ones life, two weeks to spend in a sublime foreign city with the only premeditated task at hand being, with good friends, to make a record about sadness and violence and history. Well prosacism cannot be denied, it was, by God, in Italy. Blood Oranges, the wrapper of which being spicchio; the concerted study of being Spicchiology?.

"As I type this I am watching an Italian film about terrosism in Italy in the late 1970s. I did not know anything about this time until the men of Larsen told Caralee and I about it over wine. Now in America it is all that Washington says: 'terror.' But they already knew and were ready to push past and through it again, holding our historyless hands.

"Everyday before recording we walked by a tower that in the 1300's the town executioner occupied, and the bones of the people he was paid with taxes to behead were buried around it. The Oakland police department? Please! Warehouse shows? Barf! The souls of unbaptised infants live in the black painted and burned cathedral cum gallery where one of the three XXL guitarist curates art music shows. Not to say that Europe knows all but it has hurt itself for 2000 years and in America we have only just begun. If the last XXL record was romanitc and fun , this one is broken and superior. Look at yourself! Your matress is embarassed that you give it a job.

"The farfisa is a real one, not a sampler. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!” ~ James Stewart of XXL (and Xiu Xiu) February 2007


1. So Easy, So Cheap

2. Daydrinking

3. Little Mouse of the Favelas

4. King of Koalas

5. The Green Count Tapes

6. Last In the Society

7. ...Nothing About Dwarves?

8. The Tale of Brother Cakes and Sugar Dust


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