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Strings of Consciousness & Angel - Strings of Consciousness & Angel - CD

Strings of Consciousness & Angel - Strings of Consciousness & Angel - CD

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All orders will also receive a bonus CD of SOC member Phillippe Petit collaborating with Aidan Baker, Lydia Lunch, Justin Broadrick, Eugene Robinson & more.

This is a collaboration between Angel (containing members of Mum and Pan Sonic) and Strings of Consciousness. This dense and droney construction echoes platinum reflections with warm fluidity and delicate detail. The more attention you'll bestow on this record, the more unsuspected new paths you'll be invited to wander about.

This is an intricate and imaginative soundtrack with several layers of sound, gathering both organic and sonic elements to assemble a post-industrial sound structure. The latter will give life to a noisy magma where unexpected clicks stumble over interferences, where digital accidents happen and where drones and acoustic resonance fill the space in time. A multitude of digital notes will slowly stretch to reach a dark-grey chaos, a pure and clean big bang echoing and calling lost sound memories.

As Angel they have released albums on BiP_Hop and Oral. And now signed to Mego.


Ilpo Väisänen [(Finland), worked with Ultra 3, Sinø and is half of world famous duo Pan Sonic];

Dirk Dresselhaus [(Germany) releases under the pseudonym SchneiderTM who are signed to City Slang and Mute America];

Hildur Gudnadottir plays cello for Mum, Johannes Johannsson, Stillupsteypa, BJ Nilsen, and has a prominent feature on the recent Pan Sonic CD.


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