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Cave - Psychic Psummer - LP/CD

Cave - Psychic Psummer - LP/CD

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Welcome to the season of the Psychic Psummer. Important Records' dream come true - a full length studio album from Chicago's Cave. Major momentum expertly crafted and embracing maximum minimalism, repetion, Can cloud-bounce & full on heavy chant. Like driving a train full speed off a cliff only to discover that the train can fly and you'll live forever if you stay inside.

"Hello, I’m Trip Maker and I want to tell you about Cave. Cave formed in Columbia, Missouri sometime around 2004. Early outings were decidedly free form and jammy. Many people passed in and out of the band's ranks from show to show. It wasn’t the same band twice for a little while. Eventually, songs were written and a shared vision became clearer, resulting in the Hunt Like Devil EP. I played my first show with Cave at Apop Records (when they were still in Columbia) on a bill with Rotten Milk vs. Bubblegum Shitface and another band or two, I think. The momentum of the music was noticeable right from the beginning. We got some improvisations caught on tape not long after that show at Apop and called it JAMZ. People in Cave moved around the Midwest and the South. I drove up to Chicago for some notable performances and Cave gathered more and more speed. Jams turned into songs, and songs turned into shared vision. The lineup crstayllized after some harshed mellows on the road, and the gang of five dudes that made this new record became the fully realized vision of Cave. Everyone contributes, every piece fits, every decision is shared. This new record sounds exactly like the new Cave record should. The songs have grown through touring and recording and now they make their way to you. We realized a particular milestone in December of 2008 when our acknowledged inspirers, Brooklyn’s Oneida, invited Cave to play at the first O-Fest, an Oneida curated concert event which took place on all three floors of the old Knitting Factory in NYC. Upon returning to Chicago from that trip, these tracks were laid down without any hesitation. Psychic Psummer is the sound of a band reaching its destination. Play it fucking loud." ~ Trip Maker 2009

Recorded and Mixed by Benjamin Balcom and Cave during Fall 2008. Mastered by Blue Hawaii at Shape Shoppe, January 2009.


1. Gamm

2. Made In Malaysia

3. Encino Men

4. High, I Am

5. Requiem For John Sex

6. Machines & Muscles


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