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Robin Crutchfield - The Hidden Folk - CD

Robin Crutchfield - The Hidden Folk - CD

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Brand new full length from legendary ex-D.N.A./Dark Day/No-Waver Robin Crutchfield.

If you venture far enough into the forest, you may be so lucky as to stumble across a miniature race which make their homes in hollow oak trees that contain passages to underground caverns where they work at harvesting minerals and gems.

This musical collection of 19 gems of true "underground" music, a hidden folk music, attempts to capture the essence of the wee magic ones in soundscapes that depict them at work and play, the only evidence of these mysterious, hidden ones that we can offer. The rest of us are fortunate enough that they continue to share their planet and work in subtle ways that keep us from snuffing all the joy out of it. Won't you cooperate with them a little; do as you will be done by and leave the place a little better than you found it?

Robin Crutchfield, the critically acclaimed performance artist, moved to New York in the 70s, only to cross over from art into music with his no wave band DNA, recording tracks for Brian Eno's historic No New York album. This was followed by Dark Day, a series of collaborations with Nina Canal, Nancy Arlen, Tuxedomoon, Jim Jarmusch, and others, resulting in releases of various genres: cold wave, proto-electronic, medieval pagan, and electronica. Trading plastic transistors and wires for wood and strings in 2000, he went green, taking up ancient instruments, harps, drums, lyres and psalteries. He currently pursues and explores acoustic trance-like daydreamscapes of the mysterious and elusive inhabitants of an otherworld most have only experienced through folktale and fable.


“I love [The Hidden Folk]. [Robin is] eliciting moments of minimal and artful gestures that have genuine resonance with mystic love sound. I find it all very gentle yet moving." ~ Thurston Moore

"Robin Crutchfield has come out with a surprising set of pieces for harp and other instruments. While we hear distant echoes of Dark Day, this material is completely fresh. Using a minor scale tuned in perfect intervals, the music is sensuous and exotic, a gorgeous sound." ~ Rhys Chatham/Composer for Guitar Orchestra

"This music is like the Egyptian blue lotus. Chopping vegetables is more like dreaming about chopping vegetables." ~ Kurt Weisman/Feathers

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